This is a list of partners that were recommended to us when we were planning for adoption. We know the decision process can be daunting, so we thought this might help you with your own journey!

I purposefully listed Amy at Connecting Hearts first as a home study should be your very first step on your Adoption Journey, whether you decide to work with attorneys, consultants, or agencies!

To help differentiate the partners, Connecting Hearts and other Home Study partners have an orange border,Adoption Attorneys have a yellow border,Adoption Consultants have a green border,Adoption Agencies have a blue border, and Adoption Resources have a purple border

What's the difference between attorneys, consultants, and agencies?

Adoption Attorneys are professionals that take care of the legal side of adoption, like walking prospective birth parents through the consent paperwork and helping adoptive parents finalize their adoption in court, and will help you complete a successful adoption. Those listed on this page will also help match prospective parents with birth mothers.

Adoption Consultants are experts who know the ins-and-outs of the process. They can help navigate the system, make the best possible decisions, and network with those who work with birth parents.

Adoption Agencies are the intermediaries in most adoptive journeys. Agencies facilitate adoptions and are in service of both birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents

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Connecting Hearts

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services offers Florida domestic adoption home studies as well as interstate adoption services, post placement visits, and referrals to reputable Florida adoption agencies and attorneys. Serving families throughout Florida.

Cheryl Payne

Cheryl Payne focuses her practice on adoption law, providing the legal education, guidance and services that the prospective adoptive parent, stepparent, grandparent, or other family relative needs to successfully adopt newborns, toddlers, and adults. She also assists clients who wish to domesticate foreign adoptions. Cheryl has an extensive and successful track record in providing Florida's adoptive parents with an immeasurable depth of passion, empathy, and compassion throughout the family-building process, as well as providing them with the legal protection needed. Most of her adoptions involve bringing children from outside the state of Florida into their new homes within the state.

Elizabeth Schwartz

Elizabeth Schwartz is a nationally recognized advocate for the legal rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. While her firm equally works with straight and gay clients in matters of family law, estate planning and probate, she has been at the forefront of providing crucial legal protections for LGBT families. She lectures locally, nationally and internationally about critical topics including the impact of nationwide marriage equality and the continued importance of LGBT couples protecting their loved ones through estate planning, stepparent and second parent adoption. She focuses her practice in family formation, including adoption, insemination, and surrogacy.

Adoption & Surrogacy

Adoption & Surrogacy is a resource operated through the law offices of Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. Michelle Hausmann and Amy Hickman are Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption Lawyers who specialize in adoption and who focus on reproductive law. The services they provide include private placement adoption, intervention in dependency proceedings, and legal representation in various areas of reproductive law.

A Step Ahead

A Step Ahead Adoption educates future parents via workshops, video conferencing, and more. Their consultants answer questions and assist with decisions and paperwork.

Adoption Consultancy

The Adoption Consultancy will help you navigate what can be an overwhelming, complicated, time-consuming and frustrating process. They help avoid and overcome domestic adoption difficulties, disappointments and obstacles. They will provide the knowledge and insiders' perspective needed to overcome fears and concerns.

RG Adoption Consulting

RG Adoption Consultants act as your “tour guide” through the adoption journey with expert guidance, a proven plan, and an open heart and mind. They translate adoption language so their clients never feel lost, guiding them toward the best agencies along the way, and making sure they have everything needed for a smooth and stress-free adoption journey.

ACF Adoptions

ACF Adoptions is a private non-profit, licensed adoption agency, providing legal and social services to birth mothers and adoptive parents. Through birth parent choice, ACF Adoptions places newborn or very young children into the loving homes of adoptive parents.

Heart of Adoptions

Heart of Adoptions works with birth parents from all over. They provide services to adoptive families, including home studies, post-placement supervision, adoption subsidies, counseling, adoption training and education, Interstate Compact (ICPC), profile creation, and foster care.

My Choice Adoptions

My Choice Adoptions focused on expectant parents and supporting them as they make a choice that's right for them. They love talking to hopeful adoptive parents who are looking for an adoption agency or attorney who supports and empowers birth parents.

Help Us Adopt is a national 501(c)(3) financial grant program that helps couples/individuals (regardless of ethnicity, gender, marital status, religion, or sexual orientation) with the cost of their adoptions by awarding grants up to $15,000. They support domestic, international and foster care adoptions and do not charge applicants who apply.

Our Chosen Child

Our Chosen Child are Adoption Marketing Specialists! They create fully custom adoption profile books, adoption videos and websites for adoption outreach.

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